Lending to small business just makes sense.

Lending to small business just makes sense.

Each of us knows someone who owns a business. Our dry-cleaner, our accountant, even the franchisee of that sub shop we love. We already support them when we shop locally. Investing in them directly creates more jobs, stronger local economies, and makes you a great return.

We make it easy for you to create a professional investment directly in small businesses you’re comfortable with.

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Investors take note: fixed income just got exciting.

Double-digit returns Direct investing Invest in your neighbourhood Technology makes it simple
  • Double-digit returns Returns range from 6-25%
  • Direct investing Minimum $500 investment
  • Invest in your neighbourhood 6 month - 5 year terms
  • Technology makes it simple Automated monthly repayment
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What do we look for in a borrower?

We've taken a page from the banks, and then made it better.

  • Business


    Age, industry and size doesn’t matter. How much they can afford to pay back, does.

  • Owner


    It’s more than checking out financial statements, we’re looking at character too.

  • Community


    Community matters for small business success. We want to know each business will have that support.

Invite us into your community, we'd love to be your neighbor!

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